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Level III -what first and study material?

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Good Friday Afternoon, I am hoping that some of you level 3's can help.

Yesterday I posted my Computerised Level II and ICB received it today. (A whole month to wait - Mind you were there a lot of reports to go through)

What next (apart from finding clients
J)- I have set up business and have my practice License but I would like to offer more services.

I did my level 1&2 via Kaplan but I could have done it by just paying the books. I have bought the Level 3 manual books but I am thinking of doing the diploma in payroll management next as this could be something useful to offer.

Where can I get the study material for payroll without paying £499 from Ideal schools - yes I did follow that annoying flashing link above.

If I buy Sage Instant Payroll Self Study Workbooks (£45) from Sage which comes with 180-day license of Sage Instant Payroll will that cover everything I need to do for the Payroll exam (I am very disciplined at working at home). What did you use?

I am also attending the HMRC workshop on Becoming an Employer - What you need to know. I know they have a disk cover some of the material.

What format is the payroll exam – I can see it is at home but I cannot find details – I did find the Mock though.

Thank you in anticipation of answers.

Have a great weekend – one and all.


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