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Scared! Help!

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I have my level 3 manual exam in just over 2 weeks and i am starting to panic. I have worked through my folder but feel that i dont know/remember any of it! The first half which was almost a recap of level 2 is fine. But the rest i am having trouble remembering it. Its about 6 weeks since i finished the folder and have since revised and sat my level 2 exam. Now when i look through the level 3 folder again its as if im seeing it for the first time!!!!! I really dont know what to do, i think maybe i am out of my depth. HELP!!!

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Hi Hils,

Have you done the Lev 3 Manual online mock exam yet ? If not, go and do it as this will give you a very good idea of the actual exam.

Print out each screen as you go along, or wait until near the end and go back and print them (but watch your time-out as you have 2 hrs which you cannot pause). This will enable you to study the mock print outs in your own time. 

At the end you will also get a report showing your answers to the actual answers, so along with your print outs, you can see where you went wrong.

The online mock does help, I did my own just a few days before the actual exam and it was very helpful.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


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Thanks mark, thats a good idea to print as you go, found it frustrating with the level 2 mock that i couldnt work out why i had got something wrong. so will try that.

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