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The extreme measures paid off

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I've passed my Level III Manual exam this evening. The Pearson Vue centre gave me a score of 96% - I hope that translates to 96% with the ICB. I was even late setting off as I was still doing one of the questions from the Kaplan book from the ICB shop - extreme measures to the very end. I missed out debenture interest and thought "at least I know I've missed it out" - and I didn't have the time to alter the figures. Might just finish it off tonight.

If the results get passed through at 11pm tonight I'll be paying for my upgrade (and the PM Dip) and then in the morning I'll be sending off a pdf of my business card to the ICB for approval. As soon as that happens I'll be off to the printers (hopefully by the end of the week). I've no intention of advertising at this stage and probably won't until I pass the Level III computerised. But it will give me a psychological boost having the business cards. Then the scary part - going out into the big bad world to look for clients. Going to be a busy few days. Have to take the car to the doctors for her annual service and MOT on Friday. Then the dentist in the afternoon. I've two teeth to come out but hopefully it will still be fillings I'm getting as I don't fancy picking my car up if I've had a couple of teeth yanked out only a couple of hours earlier.

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HI Peasie.  

Very well done - glad the extreme measures paid off for you!

Bad luck about the dentist though - my 6-monthly checkup today was less extreme.  Good luck! 

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Well done Peasie

Kind Regards


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Congratulations Peasie Smile

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Well done Peasie - great result.  Passed my Level 3 computerised last week, I am just finishing off Assignment 7 with Ideal Schools for Level 3, only another 2 to go, and then book my exam with Pearson Vue.  How was the exam for you?

Kind regards


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Jymlyn said:

How was the exam for you?

The exam was actually less stressful than the mock exam. Oddly this time I wasn't allowed to take my own calculator into the exam. I wasn't too bothered and wasn't going to make a big deal about it. I said I was allowed my own calculator the last time after he had checked it. It was even the same man but he insisted it was always them that supplied the calculator. But as I say, I wasn't going to make a big deal about it - one calculator is pretty much the same as the next apart from the occasional quirk. 

I arrived more than half an hour early and rather than keep me waiting he checked to see if any desks were available. I explained to him that there may come a situation where I will be asking for a fresh writing board even though the second board hadn't been touched. This is because one question may require 4 sides, 3 sides, 2 sides - you never know. I only explained so he didn't think it odd.

I mentioned about the lack of space and how the last time I tried to move the bolted down monitor. He said there was one larger desk by the door and there would be people walking in and out which may put me off. On reflection I might have been better waiting to see if that one was available at my original start time but I was in a rush to get the exam started.

Overall it was stress free because of the amount of mock exams I did I knew there wasn't something going to crop up out of the ordinary to freak me out (even if I did actually know how to do it). There were a couple of questions which could have been worded better but I can't go into because I'm not allowed to talk about the exam questions. After the first scenario was completed I looked at the time then had a quick look at all the questions so I knew I would be ok for time. At one point I realised I was writing things out in full on the writing board because I knew I would have about 5 or 10 minutes to spare.

Just the computerised level III to do - I've a couple of mock eams to do for that first.

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Well done Peasie - it is great to see all your hard work has paid off!!!

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Well done Peasie.  I too took my level 3 manual exam this morning and passed with 91% which I am so pleased about as I wasn't doing that well in all the mocks I took.

Onwards and upwards to the level 2 computerised for me Laughing

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Well done Peasie, mine is 17th Sept and I am getting really worried now as I've not done any studying for the last 2 weeks - I've had to work late and have been getting home after 9pm.

I am hoping to catch up a bit this weekend. I've done the whole Kaplan book except for 3 Q's on financial statements and then have the mocks to try.... but like you I still make mistakes and for me it's an even worse feeling as I'm already a qualified accountant with 20 years experience... but I just don't do this kind of thing in my day job and sometimes I just look at the question and almost can't be bothered with all the hand written calcs yet again...

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Hi James,

I see that you asking Facebook members to respond to your consultation about VistaPrint business cards and leaflets.

I'm sure you will get a lot of great feedback that way.

However, I am one of these 'oldies' who actually take great pleasure in not having a Facebook account and manages perfectly well without one (most of the time :) ). I think there is a lot of us out there.

You have to have a username and password to view the Facebook page. So I suspect that there are a lot of people like me out there who can't participate in the consultation, but would like to.

Do you have any plans to post the designs here on this forum so that members can comment?

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Ray said:

Do you have any plans to post the designs here on this forum so that members can comment?”

EDIT : I think maybe James should make a thread on this forum regarding this. My own view is I think the idea of an MLR leaflet to explain things to clients and potential clients would be great. I think what might be better is rather than do it through Vistaprint, maybe the ICB could do them and leave a blank white box on the page for personalisation with a stamp.

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