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Legal Bookkeeping course

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Does anyone know what the course & related exams are going to cost ?
Can the course material be puchased on its own i.e books etc ?

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Hi Steve

For cost - contact the ICB directly. There is a link on the homepage for the course with details for contact and registration.

There are books available on legal accounts but they do not interact with the course.

The course itself has been written from scratch and it is unlikely that any student of the course will need to refer to other books. The course has been constructed in line with the new regulations which come into force on 6 October, the only other reference you are likely to need is the Code of Conduct which is free and can be found at the SRA website (make sure you look at the new version).


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Many Institute are there who can provide the Legal Book Keeping course. You can join any one such Institute to learn the legal Book Keeping course. Also this is one of the best course to make the career in it

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