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kaplan book v mock exams

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I've done all the Q's both within the Kaplan advanced bookkeeping text book and the question book now, I tried a paper mock today for L3 manual from Feb 2010. 

It seemed easier than the Kaplan Q's... is my imagination or did anyone else have this impression? I haven't tried the computerised mock yet but I have only 1 more paper mock to try and wondering if that is enough... I tend to make stupid mistakes, like not reading the question properly...

I will probably revise the trickier Kaplan Q's and the areas I'm weakest at, but am still wondering if I've done enough.  

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Some of the questions are at a level way higher than in the mock exams. There was also one that was impossible to do as there was information missing. Or at least that is the opinion of a few people on here - no-one has explained how one of the questions can be calculated.

Definitely do the online mock. 

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I found the same the questions in the Kaplan books tend to be a bit more ambiguous but I found the same with level 2 that the questions in the book are a bit harder which normally means you have super knowledge the exam is just there to test  the principals.

Good luck!

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