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MLR Seminar

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Hi all,

Have heard some people are struggling with the MLR aspect of their membership and not sure about the new online system rather than the MLR 8 form.

I'm chair of the Birmingham City Group and have been asked by my group for any help and assistance with it so, alongside other local area chairs, we have have organised an evening seminar on the 8th October at Birmingham Hippodrome with people from head office of the ICB, including chief exec Garry Carter, travelling up from London to present to us re MLR and also Data Protection and then take open Q&A from us.

Seminar is open to all members throughout the country and places can be booked on the Events pages, should be from 18.30 to 21.30/22.00-ish (and can be counted as CPD)

Just thought it may be of use to some other bookkeepers who might not have heard about it or people living a little further afield and should be informative.

Thanks for reading

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