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Next meeting - marketing your business

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The next meeting for the Derbyshire branch is now confirmed for Thursday October 18th, and tickets are available from the ICB online shop. We will be meeting at the Nags Head in Mickleover as before, only this time I hope to obtain a working urn a little earlier on in the evening!

This meeting is going to be all about marketing your business - I have a speaker lined up, and I'm just waiting for confirmation from her.

One really good suggestion from last time is for the more experienced group members to tell us a bit about a marketing strategy that's worked well for them - has anyone got any thoughts on that? It would be good to get maybe two or three volunteers, and it would be very useful for any of the group who are looking to build their businesses.

Looking forward to seeing you all again - and hopefully some new faces too!


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Good morning everyone,

You can book your tickets via the ICB online shop for next weeks meeting. Click HERE to be redirected.  

Have a great day


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