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Online Bookkeeping Services

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If you continue to post you will be sent an Invoice for Advertising from the ICB for a daily rate.  You have been warned not to post on this forum on numerous occasions. 

Edited at 19 Aug 2013 06:07 PM GMT by sarah (MODERATOR)

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Hi J Brain

I don't mean to be rude - but why would you put an 'advert' on a forum for book keepers.......we're not 'looking for' book keepers........we ARE book keepers!! 

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Carol, I don't think he cares. It seems to me that he is using this forum as a possible cheap advertising steam, because this is the third identical post since 14th August. I even posted some (constructive) critisism after the first such post, but here we are with yet another one. Nothing has changed on the website, even down to the US dollar flash graphics and now almost four week old news page. I doubt the poster is even reading the replies.
Lets hope an ICB admin can perhaps enlighten our new poster. Tongue Out

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Hi Martyn

Ahhh Yes - I've since seen the other posts...........

..HEY ICB - can this posting perhaps be removed and this person blocked?

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This poster will be continue to be removed it is hard as a moderator to catch every post , so please if you want a post removed for breaking advertising can you please post on the forum and I will take a look. 

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Thanks for your wonderful post.

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sorry to butt in, fully appreciate that I'm the anti christ from over on BKN but I'm also a moderator over there and the brotherhood of moderators knows no professional body bounds.

On BKN we very regularly get spam advertisers who seem to come predominantly from India, Pakistan or Alaska.

For a while the entirety of Alaska was banned until we found that some of the Intuit IP addresses are from there!

All that I would like to say is I know that its the English way to keep giving people second chances on the assumption that they will change... don't even bother, they won't and if you give them second chances you will end up with an infestation of similar posters.

Don't give these spammers and Trolls any leway at all. Just ban them straight away (preferably ban the IP address rather than just their userid otherwise its like one of those seaside games with a mallet and goffers).

Right, you can all get back to sticking pins in effigies of me now,

have a nice day now y'all,



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