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Self Assessment - losses carried back and forwards.

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Just got a client yesterday who has handed me their paperwork for 2012-13.

They had already said they know about the £100 fine. I had previously applied for Agent authorisation and have now got access to their account online.

They will be making a loss this year due to her shop being shut for 8 months while she had a child but still having to pay rent on the shop.

So I get to look at last year's return and see she had a loss then as well.

Box 31 has a loss of £1,519 . There is nothing in box 34 to carry this loss forward nor has it been carried back to an earlier year.

Does this mean that nothing can be done with this figure?

Can this figure still be carried forward by amending the 2011-12 return (if before 31st Jan 2014) ?

If there is a loss in 2012-13 of £1,000 could this be added to the £1,519 and carried £2,519 forward to 2013-14 when she will hopefully be back making a profit.

Normally, I think to myself that if you're asking these questions on a forum you're not competent enough to be doing the return but given that there is only two days left I doubt anyone would take on the return this late. I only did because she had accepted the £100 fine in advance but this new information means I might need to speed things up.

If the 2011-12 return is to be amended - where does that leave me as I know nothing of that year's figures only there was a loss made - all I am altering is what is done with this figure (if anything can be done).

So if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Have a read of the notes from HMRC

Regards, Adrienne

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I had prevously read those notes.

They explain how the losses are carried forwards and backwards. But they don't explain the procedure when a tax return is submitted for the year and the person submitting that return forgot to put the figure in the losses carried forward box. Is it simply a case of re-opening the return and entering the figure.

And also the implications for myself if I make this change - given that I have not seen any other calculations for that tax return.

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