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Proactive bookkeeper wanted - Wokingham, Berkshire.

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Dear Fellow members,

I have decided to serve notice to my clients as I have been offered a term time role that is too good to turn down (whoop, whoop).

One of my clients has been actively looking for a replacement and has asked if I could also post onto the forum, I have detailed the main requirements / aspects as follows:-

  • The client uses 'Free-Agent' and posts their own source documents (Sales Invoices, Expenses, Bank Items, Supplier Invoices)
  • The client currently outsources their payroll, although they would like this brought in house (4 employees only)
  • On a monthly basis you would need to pick up the 'Financial File' and are able to work from home gaining access to Free-Agent remotely.
  • Your role would be to verify all the source documents are correctly posted (Coding & VAT)
  • Monthly adjustment journals would then need to be put through (accrued & deferred income / prepayments / accruals etc)
  • Once the Trial Balance is finalised the production of the Management Accounts need to be implemented (All set-up on Excel)
  • The 'financial file' is then returned to the client, along with the Management Accounts 
  • I arrange to meet them for a meeting every quarter to ensure that we are meeting each others requirements etc.
  • On a quartely basis VAT Returns need to be provided
  • On an annual basis the client would like 'Draft Accounts' and assistance with the completion of their corporation tax returns.
  • The financial Year is at the end of March

This client has been in business for almost two years and has a turnover of around £350k, they are seeking a 'Proactive accountant/bookkeeper' that can guide them (as required) and steer them in the right direction - they have seen a few 'book-keepers' but are looking for that little bit more... 

The client is willing to pay £15 per hour (Max 4 hours per month) - ie £60.00 per month, although they are aware that the month in which the Year End Accounts are produced will take more time...

I have worked with them from the 'off' so am confident that everything is in order, the files have been maintained and due diligence has taken place - I am happy to provide a comprehensive handover / walk through to ensure that the client gets a smooth handover.

The client has asked for me to 'field' any enquiries so that they don't get inundated, if you are interested please email me at along with a covering letter & CV. I will then meet up with them on Monday to pass over any interested parties.










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