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Level 2 Computerised Exam - format for sending to ICB

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Does anybody who has done the Level 2 Computerised exam know how you submit your work to ICB?  Is exporting to a PDF file suitable?  Do you just email over all your PDF's when you are done?


Also, do you need to export to Excel?


Please advise on best way.  I am due to book my exam, and just want to make-sure everything is in place (technology wise!) before I start.


Thank you.




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Hi Jo,

Don't worry, you get full step by step instructions on how to save and submit your answers with the exam when you dowload it.

Basically you save your reports to a folder you create on your desktop, then once you've finished you compress it (with software like WinZip) before uploading it.

If you don't have compression software already you can usually get a free trial version online.

Good luck with the exam,


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Hiya please can you tell me how long you have to complete the computerised exam?


Thank You


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