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The Dreaded Topic of Software

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Hi all

I have recently started with a small firm of costs lawyers and am currently doing their books - trying to bring them into some sort of order as they were in a real state.

The one thing I am looking into is getting them on to proper software, taking them away from their multiples of spreadsheets.

I have suggested cloud software in particular Quickbooks - as this is what I am used to with the sole trader practice that I also have on the side.

There is just me, I am the accounts department. Having said that, two of the three directors have an interest in the finances and there are many who actually invoice for their time as the work goes on. There will also be a lot of work setting it all up. I have current ongoing figures and no doubt will be able to ask the accountant for the last accounting year - these will give me my starting balances. The one job I will not be looking forward to is the inputting of all the outstanding invoices. There are a lot!

Does anyone have any recommendations, the cheaper the better?

I will also be asking the software companies at the summit in just over a weeks time.

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David said:

 Hi David

I would definately recommend Sage 50 Accounts, I have used Sage since 2002, I find the software very easy to use.  I am a member of the Sage Accountants Club and their technical support is second to none, I recommend Sage to all my clients and I would not use anything else.

Hope this helps.


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