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B3 Computerised Mock Exam - New Sylubus

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Hi all

Just wondered if anyone knows the format for the B3 exam new sylabus. I have seen there is an online mock and a downloadable paper as the actual exam is online I thought the online one would probably be a better bet. Does anyone know if it is timed and if so how long do you get to complete it. Any info much appreciated Smile I know everyone is rushing to get the old sylabus done but I would just like to know how the new sylabus is different 





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Hi. At present you download the paper, complete the tasks and upload the reports to our system for marking. It is the same format as the Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Bookkeeping paper, the only difference is the syllabus coverage. The format is the same.

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Thank you Jacquie 


Once you download the paper how long do you get to upload the reports ? 

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Its 15 days from the time you log in.



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