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Another payroll question

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I have a client who has a new employee starting. The employee is 20y old and has a P45 with 0T w1/m1 on it. I've read that 0T codes are used if the employer hasn't enough information to complete a Starter Checklist (my client has completed a Starter Checklist); and if it's your only or main job this won't give the right result.

Is it right that I still use the code on the P45? Should the employee query this with the tax office?

Many thanks again, Tina

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Hi Tina

As it's the beginning of the new payroll year, I would ignore the P45 and give the new employee the code that you think is correct. For example, if she is 20 and this is her only job, then her code should now be 1060L 

P45's are relevant when recent and in the middle of the year - but if they're more than a couple of months old and/ or it's the dated in the previous payroll tax year, they shouldn't be used.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Carol,

Thank you very much for the reply and for the information. Much appreciated. Thanks again, Tina

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Hi, what's the leaving date on the P45?

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