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Hi All


I wonder if anyone can help me as I am rather confused as to the differnce between vat codes T2 exempt and T9 non vatable and when to use them.  I would be grateful for any help.  I have looeked on HMRC website but it's not really any clearer.

Many thanks Jayne

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Hi Jayne,


This link from HMRC gives you a list of items that are exempt or outside the scope

It wouldn't refer to T2 or T9 as these codes are specific to Sage software.  Many people get confused between exempt and outside the scope.

Exempt items go on your vat return in the net purchases figure Box 7 and include things like bank charges, postage, childrens clothing etc.  Items that are outside the scope will not go on your vat return at all.  Most of your journals would be entered as T9 outside the scope eg your wages journal.  Charity donations and payments of Vat and Paye to HMRC via the bank account would be entered with T9.

Just one thing that catches some people out - if you enter anything directly into the input vat account which some people do e.g to account for vat on expenses, or if you are reclaiming vat on a written off invoice via a journal, you need to change the vat code to T1.  If you don't do this and leave it as T9 the vat will sit in the input vat account, it won't be included in the vat return and will not be cleared when you run the vat wizard to clear the accounts when you complete the vat return.


f.y.i. I know my status is student, but I have been bookkeeping for 20 years and using Sage most of that time (and I'm part CIMA qualified).





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