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Getting the ball rolling

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Hi Everyone,

As you all probably know pensions Auto-enrolment is both a challenge and an opportunity for all Certified Bookkeepers. This area of the forum has been started so that the ICB community can share their experiences of Auto-enrolment; whether in relation to a client an employer or your own staff.

As a starter for ten, who is expecting to be involved in Auto-enrolment in some capactiy and how do you feel about it?

Don't be shy the forum is all about members of the ICB community supporting one another.


All the best,


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I have a dozen payroll clients, so will need to operate auto enrolment.

My experience up to now is that Now Pensions and Peoples Pensions both offer much help to take the burden away from us, providing we set up everything in plently of time. Feedback from people that have already had one or two clients staging is that the experience is reasonably painless.

I'm finding that most clients that have less than 5 employees are just wishing to be compliant. They're worried about the cost to them, as an employer - on top of other rising costs such as the living rage, loss of sick pay, rising maternity, paternity obligations etc, although they'd love to offer more for their employees - they just can't afford it on top of what they already are going to be commited to.

Now Pensions, NEST and Peoples Pension seem to offer them enough to keep them compliant at mimimal cost is what my feedback is.......

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I have had  some limited experience with Nest relating to my own pension (I set up a scheme to specifically test the process and have had a few problems, including being reported to the pensions regulator for not making a payment earlier in the year which was actually deducted by  direct debit.  I have had a full apology from Nest in person over the phone since then, and after I complained, for it being a systems error).

However I have also registered with Now:Pensions as a Payroll Bureaux (I also have about 12 small payrolls that will need to register over the next 2 years).  I was recently contacted by a Regional Manager from Now:Pensions who came to my home 2 weeks ago and personally trained me on the payroll bureaux website for 2 hours and demonstrated what I need to do now and over the next 18 months, to be ready for auto-enrolment.

I woud not hesitate to recommended Now:Pensions now - they provide you with every tool you need on their website including client letters setting out your service to them, and they manage ALL communications with prospective employee members.

I am effectively ready to communicate with all my clients as to what I will be doing for them, using Now:Pensions, should they wish to go with me, although for most of them this is still a few months early. If they don't wasnt to use Now:pensions they will effectively have to go it alone.  As very few of them will know any better I am certain that I will retain their business.

Kind regards


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Removed as requested by poster

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As Moderator


The last post is not ICB accredited software and has not been approved by ICB.     Jane it is against this forum rules to advertise on the forum. Please contact the ICB to discusss Advertising and costs. 

For ICB members please see your emails for invites to book webinars accredited by the ICB for auto enrolement. 

Your local aspire tour will be covering this in detail. 







Edited at 03 Feb 2016 05:50 PM GMT

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I think it's a real shame that this is seen as advertising - I've just looked at the LinkedIn page of Dan Woodruff, the instigator of these webinars - and they sound great. This is the info on his page


3 low-cost options
Everything you need to know about auto enrolment (and no more)
A checklist of actions you need to take, in the correct order
Useful resources to examine

Why is this against rules and regs of a thread that was started by the ICB and states that its about experiences and for the community etc....



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I'm just staging with my first client, and although we've postponed, I've had to set up the pay periods and postponement deferrment dates etc. I'm hoping I've done it right - can anyone confirm this........

Their staging date was 1st Feb. They pay their staff monthly on 20th of each month, for the period 20th of one month to 19th of next.

Having read TPR info 20 times, I've sussed that they are on a monthly pay period, and as I'm using Moneysoft, the way I've set it up in NEST is to have a 'TAX MONTHLY' period - i.e. 6th of one month to 5th of next in line with the HMRC tax monthly period. (I understand that the software has to be set this way, from having spoken to Moneysoft - and TPR are aware of this and agree)

When it came to stating a deferrment date for the end of postponement, I've put 6th April, because this is the first day of the payroll period in the same month as the pay date that falls in the maximum 3 months postponement period (1st May) does this make sense!!!

So - this means that when I 'assess' the staff for their April 20th payment, everything will fall into place, however, what is totally confusing me is this........

How am I supposed to 'assess' the staff on this first day of the pay period, when I wont know what they're likely to earn until the client tells me the hours aroundabout 17th of the month, so I can run the payroll for payment on 20th month??

Have I done it right........or wrong????

Is it OK to assess the staff on 17th instead of 6th of the month???

What are TPR on about when they say that 'do it this way to give yourself maximum time to report the info to your pension provider'??



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Hi Carol 

I understand your points, but no advertising has ever been allowed on the forum.  I have had members before complaining about advertising and Ithose who don,t see it as advertising.  

I am not doubting this maybe useful but ICB has olways had the policy to check software and accredit it .    All companies are treated the same.

So hopefully Jane will contact the ICB and they can look it to it more. 

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I'm currenlty working as a sole trader but considering setting up as a limited company. Will I have to use auto enrolement for myself?  I will not have any staff?


Thanks :-)

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Hello Shar,

Single director companies with no employment contract do not have to be enrolled for AE.

However, you will still have to notify The Pensions Regulator of this after you receive the Letter Code from them advising you of your Staging Date.


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