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B2 - which training provider do you use??

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I've recently started studying again and just passed my B1 exam today. I'm looking at moving onto B2 and 3 and was thinking about possibly changing training provider and I was wondering who you guys used and who you could recommend.


thanks in advance



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Hi Hayley,

I have studied with IDEAL Schools all the way and wouldn't have it any other way! They are very helpful, support is always there when you need it (email, phone, live chat and closed Facebook group with past and present students) and I am on my very last exam :) yay (Level IV Financial Management / Personal Taxation) never failed any exams as they have sufficiently prepare you.

Have a friendly chat with Brian about possibilities you won't regret it :)



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Hello Hayley,

I am studying with Ideal Schools, got my L 1&2 certificates and have AICB now. I cannot praise them enough, tutors are brilliant and always there to help you and the content of the course material is very thorough, although you still need to research and read other resources it is whoever you study with I suppose. 

I would recommend Ideal Schools based on my own experience


Good luck with your studies

Ebru O.

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