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Self Assessment Adjustments

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Where a self employed person is declaring home office space and use of a personal vehicle as expenses, how is this represented in the accounts when the up front payment was not from their business bank account.

Eg - Ben's total heating and electric bill for his six-room house comes to £900 for the year and this is paid from his personal account.  He set aside one room for work only so declares an expense of £150 (900/6).

Would you debit Heat & Light and credit Drawings?

Please help.




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Yes you would Andrew, although the calculations are not quite as simple as dividing by the number of rooms. There are certain amounts for gas and electricity that you can claim (if you search HMRC website you will find the most up to date figures). Claiming mileage on a private car needs to be backed up by a mileage log showing the business related trips he has made, the date and the mileage. You can then claim back 45p per mile up to the first 10000 miles then 25p thereafter (but again, always double check these figures on HMRC website in case of any changes).

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Thanks Jennifer

I didn't think the calculations were that simple (are they ever?!), but just wanted to give an example.  

Glad you agree on the credit/debit bookings.

Thanks again


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