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Self Assessment Registration Names

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If a self employed person operates under two different trade names, can (and should) he register both names with HMRC?

Also, if in addition to the company incomes, he also receives a non-company income (eg by renting out a spare room), should this be reported separately in the self assessment or should everything be rolled up to gross figures?

I'm still studying for my Level 3 with Ideal Schools (a great course and highly recommended) but keep on questioning myself on how it all works in real life.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi Andrew


If the sole trader has two businesses neither being Ltd then on the self-assessment he will put them down as two seperate self employments.  If he rents out a room in his house then he will refer to this under the property income.  Although if he receives less than the maximum amount on the rent a room scheme he will just tick the box that refers to that and will not have to add anything further regarding property.





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Thanks Liz - much appreciated.

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