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Has Anyone Got Ideas

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Hi Everyone


I am hoping someone can help me?  Over the past two years I have sent 400 leads with 0% back (this is useing the ICB letter as well as my own). I have advertised in two local books that come out each month.  I have also got a web site up, and I have put my business cards in local shops and cafes.  Does some one out there know what I am doing wrong.



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HI Linda

Well done for being pro-active however although there is no right or wrong way to go about it, it may be your targeting in the wrong places. 

What type of businesses are you counting as the 400 leads.    Have you contacted accountants - the smaller ones tend to outsource till they have enough work for a full time employee.  Are you contacting new businesses, sole traders?

How have you advertised yourself in the two local books.  Does the ad give much indication of your services.

The local shops / cafes.  How often do you see people looking at the shop window / counter at any of the ads.   Do you ever look at the other ads?

My suggestions would be

Find out the names of the local accountants and ring or email the main person. 

Find out what networking groups are in your area - you don't say you are doing any of this.  It does take a while to build up relationships but this is where my first few jobs came from.

Be flexible - are you prepared to work on-site.  Half of my clients I work on site with.

If you still want to use the current methods you are using then if you want to forward me copies of your advert, letter, website, business card I am happy to look at them and possibly suggest ideas. emai is







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Hi Linda 


I think I have just linked to you on linketin. Best of luck in your new career. i hav'nt found adverts very helpful, but their again, it only takes a couple to work to recoup the cost. My advice would be to decide who you want to work with, and concentrate on them, do they hang out on facebook etc, are they limited companies that might be found through accountants etc, Most of my clients have been found though Quickbooks (im a quickbooks proadvisor thought they now seem to be mainly online), if theirs an event in your area you do go and see what you think, ( usually free), my website and recommendation.


Have you followed up any of your letters, try ringing them, (well the ones you reallly want to work with)


very best of luck


kind regards and very best wishes 



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