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Trainee Bookkeeper Vacancy Available in Darvel

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We are a small bookkeeping practice based in Darvel, Ayrshire, I have been trading for just over 4 years, up until about 18 months ago there was just myself and then my neighbour working in it.  We have come on in leaps and bounds as our reputation has grown and our clients have also got busier and grown.

 We do all the day to day bookkeeping and payroll for a few companies including their credit control and purchase and payroll payments and then for a couple of the other ones we record all their transactions on a monthly basis ‘after the fact’ and then run the year ends for them all to send to the accountants for the final accounts.

 We also carry out the administration work for a couple of them, one of our clients is changing his company’s work load in the spring and then will be wanting more administration work carried out.

 Our client base covers dentists, architects, commercial cleaners, van hire, letting agencies, property factors and an advertising company.

 If you are used to working in an accountancy practice you would maybe find it very strange but if you are used to carrying out day to day bookkeeping for a company it would not be so.

 We all pitch in and get stuck into the clients’ books, I try to arrange it so that everyone has their own couple of clients who they concentrate on but also that they know enough about the other clients that they can cover if someone is off sick or gets hit with a big workload.

 I am looking for someone to come in and start with helping out on the more straightforward transactions and admin work to start with in the office and then as they get used to the working environment take on more complex work.

 There is now myself, one full time employee and two part time in the office, although one of the part time does work from home when not in the office, I am out at clients three days a week and one of the part timers is out once or twice a week at clients.  They are all either studying the ICB qualification or  AAT.

If you are interested in the vacancy please get in touch.



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Please can you contact me as I am interested in your bookkeeper vacancy. Many thanks. Siobhan.

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