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BA4 mock structure frustations

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Yesterday I did the BA4 mock which is part online and part downloadable instructions for use on computer software which in my case was Sage.  I have several moans which I have passed onto ICB.  The computer software section (30% of the exam) comes with  examples of the type of reports wanted in the response.  These examples actually show the answers but in the actual exam no answers would be available!  This section of the exam is not marked.  In no section of the instructions - at least I did not spot any - am i informed that this part of the exam would not be marked.  I kept on looking for instructions on how to upload the results and at the same time being very puzzled at the whole process.  

I can understand that the cost of a mock exam would increase if this part of the exam was marked.  However, there are several issues with the approach.
1.  The mock does not reflect the exam as answers are given in part.
2.  I don't know what marks I would receive for this section of the exam.  Some guidance apart from 30% of the total marks would be very helpful. I could then at least do my own marking.  
3.  The layout section could just be an example rather than the actual answers.  The answers could be provided at the end of the exam. 

I received merit in the rest of the exam but now feel that I need to do another mock bearing in mind all of the above. 

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Hi - sorry if you found the instructions confusing. In the opening screen we do try to explain how to treat this section of the paper which is repeated below.


  • The final screen tests your skills in applying some or all of the topics using a computerised package. You will be required to download three documents - one is the question paper, one contains a set of reports which you can use to check your answers to this section and the final is a set of instructions for completing this section of the paper. All three documents are in pdf format and you should ensure that you have a pdf reader available on your computer.
  • Note: when you take the actual paper the instructions will contain details of how to upload your reports to our system for marking.


The set of reports we provide are the actual answers that our examiner achieved when running this paper. If you are using Sage to copmplete your paper you should be able to replicate these exactly; if using a different software package then they will act as a guide to the layout we require.

We do not give instructions in the mock paper on uploading files as this is not a part of how to deal with files at this stage. The downloaded instructions should be very clear about how to deal with the mock. With regards to the marking of the computerised section, we do show the marks that are attributed to each section so that, once you have checked your answers, you should be able to see rougly how well you have done. We do not show the actual marks that are attributed to each individual entry. 

The instructions should also be clear that the mark and grade you get for the mock is purely on the online-sections. Once you have completed the live paper we add in the marks for the computerised section to give you a final grade.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

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