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Software and historic data

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I am working for a small company and we are currently looking to bring our bookkeeping in house. Currently an external practice does the bookkeeping on their software but the company now wants to get their our own software licence and start doing the books onsite. My question is around the historic data. I know it is relatively easy to set up new software by entering opening balances, open invoices etc but what about the historical line by line transactional data? Should we get this from the bookkeeper? We are planning on using Sage but the current bookkeeper uses a different software and sage have advised that it is not recommended to try to migrate line by line data from a different type of software.


I would love some advice on what is standard practice when bookkeepers/software are changed?


Thanks a lot! 

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I have also used on the software with the bookkeeping and it is really great to work with, with fewer complications and easy to use. I have also heard about Sage and have a lot of interest in knowing about it. 

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Hi Gennysmith,

Thanks for the help.


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I have been using software for the bookkeeping and its easy to use and work with.

You should go ahead with software for keeping your books online.

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