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Mock papers BA4, BA5 BA6

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Hi everyone,


Does anyone have any practice papers for any of the level 3 exams I could have a go at please?

I've done a couple passing one by 1% and failing the other by 2%. I feel I just need more practise before I go in for the actual exam.




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Same here if possible as it would be a huge help. My email address is

Thanks in advance.


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did you get any response to your request? Im also hoping for some as practise makes perfect and all that!

if anyone has any cpwould you mind emailing me some at!

many thanks Smile

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Hi There,

Please, Can I kindly get those mock exam paper aswell.. Thanks..

My email address:



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Would love some too if there are any!!

My email address is

Thanks in advance


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Hi All,

You may be aware that these exams are of an online or computer-based nature and the mopck exams available via the ICB reflect this. Their rules state that these cannot be copied and redstributed so it would be necessary for you to purchase these via the ICB shop.

Alternatively, if you are attached to a training provider, you may receive these online papers as part of your training package.

Kind regards 

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