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Branch Meetings - Benefits for students

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Hi all,

I am considering attending a branch meeting (Money-laundering). I am interested in other members experiences, reason being I am a student just beginning on the Bookkeeping path and am concerned that the subject matter may just go over my head.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Neil,

Having started a branch in Devon whilst I was still a student, it is well worth attending.  The Money Laundering is particularly good to keep reminding yourself about - whether it's a new subject or old.

As someone who is now on the lookout for an assistant/subcontractor to help in a growing practice, I'm hoping that the new Devon branch will be somewhere to meet students like you who need some experience and/or looking for work.

Go for it!


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Hi Fiona,

Thanks for taking the time to answer, and for your positivity regarding the meetings. 

All the best in your search!


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