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Level 2 bookkeeping past papers for practice

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Hi all, I a studying with Open Study college and have completed both assessments which I am still awaiting to receive back marked! I was wondering if anyone had any practice papers or past exam papers they could email to me or is there ones online that you can practice from??

I have asked my tutor but have had no reply as yet! It would be most appreciated as I feel like I have come to a stop as just waiting for tutor reply, my email address is

Thanks Smile

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Hi. I am new here!


I'm also studying Level 2 bookkeeping with Open Study College and am at the stage where I need to practice for exams.  If anyone has any practice papers or past exams (B1 and B2) they could email me I'd be extremely grateful.  Its been a long time since I've sat an exam and would like to do as many mocks as possible before taking the actual exam.


My email address is


Much appreciated.  Thank you Smile

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Hi Lauren & Lisa,

The mock papers for the online exams are also online and cannot be shared. So, if your provider does not include mock papers with your study you'd need to purchase these direct from ICB. They'll cost £10 per paper and there are two available for most exams.

Good luck. 

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Hi. I'd like to jump on too. Please send me pass papers for B1 and B2 to Thanks so much

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