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Training / study tips

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I wondered if anyone had any study tips? I have previously attempted home study (while all my children were still very small and time was very limited) and sadly didn't keep it up. I then tried classroom based study which initially went really well and I really benefitted from being able to question 'why?' but then it moved far too quickly towards the end of the course and got confusing (it wasn't just me who found this, thank goodness) then the company moved and my confidence was knocked. I love bookkeeping and have always done bits of it in my jobs and do lots in my current job but really want ICB affiliation so that I can advertise for more work. I learn very well by actually 'doing' or being able to translate questions into real life companies. Has anyone found a particularly great homebased study school or has anyone just bought the books and gone it alone successfully? I'd love to hear all experiences / tips. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Elizabeth,


I too undertook distance learning some years ago & found I responded better with face to face tuition. This was 15 years ago, pre kids.  I've now just finished studying level 3 of the ICB qualification & did it all with Ideal Schools via their distance study options. I have 3 kids aged 5 & under & have found it much better this time. I started studying mid June & sat my last level 3 exam last Friday, so just over 3 months. I did it by doing 2-3 hrs a few times each week after the kids went to bed. 


I have to say that Ideal Schools have been amazing. The notes are very easy to follow, assignments are turned around very quickly &  tutors are always available for queries/follow up either via email or via their facebook support groups (not sure any of them sleep, ha ha!). 


So, I would say studying with Ideal has been really good & that you won't regret it if you decide to study with them!


Good luck!


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Hi Elizabeth,

Studying is very reliant on the individual, personally as i've worked in accounts / finance offices all my craeer and completed a business degree I was able to complete up to membership level purely from working through the text books as I have already encountered most of the areas.  Going forward into new areas, SAT, FRS105, performance mgt etc, I think I will have to swap to distance learning as I don't have the background knowledge to cope with a subject that doesn't click.  After speaking with Ideal Schools at the summit they are my forerunner when I get round to more study, I never personally fancied formal courses at college due to the rigid commitment of time required and would rely heavily on how good the teacher is.


Good luck with the studying!

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Thank you for your responses Smithl28 and Dale; they were really helpful.

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