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First Client!!!

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Woo hoo!!! I am so excited!!!

I have got my first client today!!! Haven't stopped grinning since I had the phone call!!!

I am starting with him at the beginning of November, so shall I make that the beginning of my financial year? And I need to actually register with HMRC as self employed - will my employer find out at all?! That will cause me a problem if they do as I am not ready to leave F/T work yet... I am registered with PI and AML so have that all sorted! Drafting up letter of engagement too. Anything else?

Thank you!!

Off to have pizza now to celebrate!!



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Hello Caroline,


Congratulations!!! I just wanted to ask you how you about working as a self-employed bookkeeper while being employed. How are things going for you? Have you got any more customers since this post?


I wold love to hear more starting up on your own. I am currently working part-time for a small company and I am thinking about getting some clients in my spare time! It feels a little daunting at the moment but this idea is constantly in my head!


Good luck !!


Kind Regards,



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Hi Caroline


I was registered self employed for almost a year whilst also employed and there were no problems. 

Good luck.




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