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Time to get on with my study.

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Think I need someone tell me to get my arse into gear and get on with my study.  I seem to of stalled at the mo and need to sort myself out.  

I have just been so busy and life has been a little stressful over the last couple of months.

I'm studying while working full time and looking after the house and family (no excuse I know), but have to stop using the dark nights to just slob on the sofa.  Please can someone give me some word of encouragement or tell me to just get on with it.


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Get up off your fat a--- and get on with your studying!

Never mind Emmerdale or Corrie or whatever you watch!

Stress? You don't know the meaning of the word - wait until you set up in practice!

There now - did that get you moving?


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I 2nd that Marilyn ! Get off your bum , and get your head in gear ! Life always gets in the way, but you have to remind yourself why your studying in the first place. Think of your goal and try and step closer to it. Little and often ,so it doesn't feel like a chore .


On the plus side the learning process never stops when you're in practice - I'm quite new and now learning how to deal with HMRC - now that's stressful! But.... I wouldn't change a thing .


Chin up , shoulders back... and study.


Good luck




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Just think of all the good reasons why you want this. More flexibility? Be your own boss? More time with the family? 

Try to find set times in the week to study ... Could someone else cook dinner/get a takeaway to free up some time? Reward yourself each time you complete a section. Small chunks and just keep going. Most people give up when they are over 75% thrre! 


How far have you got?  Do you go to local branch meetings? 

keep us posted

All best


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