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Director with previous employment zero NI contrib?

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I have a previous "normal" employment this year and now I have changed to contracting with me being the director of my LTD. I am just sorting my first salary through HMRC Basic Paye Tool. I have set myself up for cumulative NI contributions. The issue is that when I try to make a payment it comes back with 0 for employee and employer NI contributions too. If I add a payment which is high enough to bring me over the tresholds, then it starts to add them.

According to my understanding I am already way above the tresholds this year due to the previous employment, so at least the employee contribution should not be 0, not even with the cumulative method. Or do the NI tresholds reset with each new employment?

Can someone please enlighten me how it works and why it comes back as 0?

Is it correct or should I worry?

Many thanks!!!!

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Hi, it is correct because the NI threshold just relates to the one particular employment, it is not cumulative like PAYE is.



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