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Qualification completion times

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Hi all. 

I am currently enrolled on the Level 3 courses which I signed up to last June after a long break. My level 2 courses were converted to the new sylabu on 15th October 2015. Shortly after I picked this back up I was diagnosed with thyroid Cancer and have been able to complete very little of it yet. I can't seem to find anywhere how long I have to complete the level 3 qualifications from the conversion date but I have a feeling I read it is 2 years at some point before. Does anyone know if that is right? I have more surgery and treatment to go through before I can really get back into it so time is a concern. I have been a student member solidly since at least 2010. 


Many thanks in advance. 


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Hi Mathew,

I'm sorry to hear of your illness and hope that your treatment is successful.

ICB have a policy where all qualifications within a level must be completed within a two year period, otherwise there may be a need to begin that particular level again. If your ICB Membership has been valid during this time I would be cofident that your Level 2 qualifications will still be ok, but in all situations such as this it may be a good idea to contact ICB directly for clarification. 

Good luck with everything.

Kind regards


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