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HELP!!! topic 8

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Hi everyone, im new to here, so not really sure how this works.


Wondered if someone kind out there can help me out!!!... im stuck on topic 8 page 480. I have messed it up. Wasnt sure how to do it in the first place so did something that i thought would work and obviously didnt now i have payment in account where i shouldnt and no idea how to reverse things or fix an error. getting sp frustrated and angry at myself!!! this should be easy..following step by step guide but i jsut cant get this bit!! someone tell me what to do!?!?!


im stuck in the bit that asks you to do customer receipt for sallys sweet box but you need to allocate the receipt as full amount to a specific invoice and then a full amount to the credit note ... how do i do this?? i know this is going to be really simple or the answer is right infront of me but i am really struggling!! help anyone?? :( 


thanks in advance 

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