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When To Take Exams

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I am currently doing level 2 and just wondered when is best to take the exams? Am I best going through the whole of the text book and then taking them and both B1 and B2 cover the whole of the book? Or does each one only cover certain topics?





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I'm preparing to take my first exam (B1) and for me, it'll be easier to do the coursework and then take the exam and then move on to B2 coursework. That's probably just because I'd like to make sure I've passed one paper before doing anything else.

Although, the ICB learning outcomes for B2 are as follows, so there maybe isn't any harm in doing all of B1 and B2 coursework and then sitting both the exams. 

Paper B2 – Further double entry bookkeeping to trial balance
Home /place of work based assessment to include:
 Underpinning knowledge
o ethics
o legislation
o types of businesses including simple cash based businesses
o identifying sections of the ledger
o accounting concepts
 Further double entry including the following
o Topics from paper 1
o control accounts
o Writing off a bad debt
o Construction Industry Scheme
o Non-sole trader entries (subscriptions, donations, drawings of partners etc)
 Making and receiving payments
 Production and explanation of a trial balance


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Yeah they both seem quite similar really, I just didnt know if there was up to a certain chapter that was B1 and then the rest on B2 but it doesn't seem that way.


Thank You :)



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