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Nest Pension Scheme - Enrolment Date

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I have been asked to set up a NEST pension scheme for a client whose staging date is the 1 April 2017.

I have a number of questions as it is the first time I have been through this process as follows:

1. The employer would like an enrolment date that will enable pension contributions to be made from the second pay period in financial year 2017/18. (29 May 2017) 

 Given the above what should be the enrolment date given in the employer notices to eligible, non-eligible and entitled workers.

2. In view of the above dates in 1 above do I need to apply for a waiting period of say 2 weeks - as I understand that workers must be enrolled into a pension scheme within six weeks of their staging date on the 1st April 2017.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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HI John

My understanding is that you could postpone workers on 1st April - giving an end of postponement as 29th May. Letters will need to be sent to the workers within 6 weeks of 1st April, telling them that the business has used postponement, and that they will be assessed on 29th May, and if eligible, they will be enrolled on that date.

I've staged with 4, and this is what I'd do.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Carol 

Thank you for your advice. I will put it into action on the 1st April - the organisations staging date.

Kind regards


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Does the employer want the contributions to come out of the pay on 29th May or for the scheme to begin then? if the contrubutions are to come out on 29th May then I would just postpone for the one month and start it on 1st May, but they can postpone up to 3 months so is their any reason for choosing the 29th May?Have they choice a pension scheme? If so when you do the postponement letters you can include the details in those letters so that you dont have to issue new ones when they do stage. (Sorry just read its NEST), When you do the letters just say you are postponing till the 1st May and put the details of scheme in so that it doesnt have to be done again. You can do the letters anytime you dont have to wait till 1st April. you can also start to set up scheme but don't enrol workers into it until the stage they ant it to start. 


Hope that helps

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