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Further Study

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Hi I am employed by a company as a finance assistant with potential promotion prospects and am wondering about further study. Has anyone done the Level IV Manangement Accounting course? If so where did you do it?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jo


I am in the process of doing it but have it on hold at the moment as Ive not had time to get back to it.  I am doing it with Ideal Schools.  I notice your shown as AICB.  If you are planning on doing it I would do the relevant courses to become MICB otherwise there may be parts which will be confusing.





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Hi liz thanks for replying . I'm already confused! !  Just thought that course was the next step ! ? OK I will need to look into it more. 

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Hi Jo,

If you go to Current Qualifications and extend the one you would like to take you will see the entry requirements.
For Management Accounting


Candidates must achieve (or gain exemption from) the following ICB qualifications before applying: 

Level II Certificate in Bookkeeping 
Level III Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts
Level IV Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping and Accounts

Candidates must also:

hold valid ICB membership or
hold valid student registration and have completed their most recent examination within the last two years

All level 4 modules require MICB level knowledge (eg completed level IV Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping)

I hope this helps,


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