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Hello Everybody,


EDIT - please excuse the XERO spelling - stupid spell check!! What a terrible start!

I only just joined as have only started doing my exams recently. I am currently workingin ops for a company and they are struggling a bit with their software (thousands of excel spreadsheets and XERO on top which is a bit of a mess.)


I am familiar with FREEAGENT and aware of the projects function on it which, I think would be a great benefit to the company. Great for tracking project P+L and also easy to find expenses etc...

The accountants want us to use Xero, sssssso my question is :- Is there anyway you can replicate the projects function on Xero, or is there a suitable CRM add on for Xero that will replicate the Freeagent like functions.

Thanks very much in advance!



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I'm not familiar with FreeAgent but in Xero you can track revenue and expenditure by different tracking categories :


But this isn't 'unlimited'

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Bex is correct... Tracking is for departmental or project setup. You are allowed 2 categories then unlimited options within each category. eg. Category = Regions - with options N, S, E, and West.  Check out the Demo Company to see it in action.

Ken Bell

Xero Champion.

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> Thanks very much both Ken and Bex,
Thats what I had previously read.
So i guess to track projects we can just number the options.

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