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Hurray - I passed!!!

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BA7, that is.  Finished an hour ago and they gave me a letter on the way out to say I'd passed.  I'd can't tell you how relieved I am, and how terrified I was.  I ended up getting one of the calming, self hypnosis apps because I was panicking so badly.  I totally blew the first ICB mock cos I went into panic mode and then brain freeze hit.  Total brain freeze.  I could barely have told you my name!


The second mock was heaps better and I passed well so I went into the exam knowing I could do it, provided I didn't panic.  


Not easy, but not hard - if you've done all the work in the course up until then, you can do the final exam.


Next comes the Tax Diploma.  Will be very useful to me I think.


And so excited was I to have passed that I posted this in the wrong forum lol

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Well done you.  Brilliant work.



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Aw that's wonderful, Congratulations!

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Well done..... all of us who've been through it know what an ordeal it can be. Crack open the Champagne. 

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