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Level 2 Past Tests

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Hi I am currently completing my last assesment before i book my first exam. Is there anyone that can you past papers for the level 2 bookkeeping course? I am struggling even with my assessments i don't want to fail my exams. My email address is


Thanks Smile Fran 

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Hi Fran,


Hope you are well.  I do not have any exams to pass on as I am studying with e-careers and when I booked the mock I received an email saying it was ready to complete online via the ICB website.  

I have currently completed the level 2 book 3 sage mock.  So if you want any tips on the exam I can provide you with that.  I have found the mock exam online is very similar to the actual one and when I first sat it I was in shock as it was very different to the activities in the course.  There are a lot of multiple choice questions on subject knowlegd and then a lot of questions giving you figures and you have to say howmuch VAT there is/isn't which journals would have credit entries and debit entires.  you also have to complete a trail balance and say which ones are debit/credit amounts.

I personally feel had I not completed the mock online I would have not been prepared well enough for the actual exam.  when I got my results for the mock I read over them several times and made sure I was confident with them.  Them I booked the actual exam.


Hope this helps.

my email adress is if you want anymore help.

Good luck


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Hi Aysha, 


My course is through open study college. They only require you to do 2 assessments. The only thing i am struggling with is the cash book, ledgers and journals! I don't normally do that in my job as its all on the computer and the system i currently use is better than sage, much easy to delete and hide mistakes :) 

I might ask my assessor about a mock exam as i think i am gunna struggle on the actual 3 exams i have to do! 



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