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salary or hourly rate range

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Hi my name is Husein

I have finished Level 3 training and hope to sit for the final exam as soon as possible to acquire the AICB status

Currently working as a Bookkeeper in a permanent role in Central London (Oxford Circus).I had attained ACCA Part1 long time ago and have been working as a Bookkeeper for the last eight years using Sage and have experience with QuickBooks too. As all my accounting knowledge was based through on-hand experience I decided to have a structured outlook with a view of achieving a professional certification and hence I joined ICB

I am very demoralised after my recent salary review and am at cross roads as to whether to continue or look for greener pastures either in employment or self-employed .My employer is very good and I do enjoy my work thoroughly. But they cannot increase my salary to my expectations because of current market rates under the prevailing economic conditions. I do sincerely feel I am being underpaid and am unable to make ends meet with current salary. And indeed the recruitment agencies are promising to show me stars in the daylight for the same position which is conflicting to what my employer states and other friends I have asked for advice

As such I am humbly seeking for a guideline for an honest and fair salary range and also the hourly rate range on a self-employed basis as an AICB Bookkeeper in the Zone 1 area of London

I will be most grateful for your advice especially from those who have shared the same dilemma I am now facing

Kind Regards


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