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VAT and Construction Projects

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Hi all,

One of my clients is VAT registered and is providing VATable services to one of his customers.

The customer is a construction company, and the services being supplied are in relation to a new build house project. The customer has said that he believes that the services should be invoiced without VAT. The services being supplied are (for want of a better description) the decoration of a newly installed lift, the lift being installed as part of the build project.

Looking on the HMRC website, there is definitely some instances when this is possible, but the VAT notice is quite complicated.

Is there anyone out there who has experience in this, and can sum up in a nutshell what questions I should be asking, to make sure I am acting within the rule of VAT notice 708?

Thank you in advance.

Laura Macarthy

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My husband is a builder and does domestic new builds.  He coordinates the build and uses sub contractors and all work related to the new build is Zero rated.


Hope that helps.



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