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Not happy with Level 3 grade

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Tina~L said:

I acheived a Distinction with Honours for Level 2 but have got a much lower grade for Level 3. Can I retake exams to improve my overall Level 3 grade? 

Has anyone else found that their exam grades went down at Level 3? I have no bookkeeping experience, could this be the problem?

Many thanks,


 Hi Tina,

Can only help with your first question I think, I did read in the FAQ section that you can retake any exams you have passed if you want to acheive a higher grade. 

I'm on the last level 2 so cant answer the second part though - well done on your passes though!


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HI Tina,

I managed good results in Level 2, but found level 3 BA4 a bit harder, i passed a few days ago with 88%, this is lower than i achived in my level 2, i have read in other posts that level 3 is a bit tougher and in particular others said that BA4 is a step up from level 2, so i wouldn't get too discouraged.  

When i go to book an exam, BA4 is still available to buy even though i have passed it, so you might be able to retake them if you feel that is what you want to do.

Good luck with your studies.


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