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To register or not

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Hello everyone; i am looking into becoming a member of the ICB; i have 29 years payroll, bookkeeping and accounts experience and AAT level 2 cert in accounting and AAT level 3 cert in Advanced bookkeeping. 

I have some small clients i do VATs for etc but the fees of £200 membership and £100 for a licence seem quite high; does anyone have any info on the benefits they feel being a member brings them?  I am in Lancashire and there are not many jobs posted; apart from i want to set up professionally working for myself but due to lack of clients it is a pipe dream.  Has anyone become a member and found it has helped them achieve what they desire.  Basically is it worth the money? 

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Hi Diane (I'm presuming thats your name)


I think joining the ICB is worth it.  Its not too expensive to be a member and the practice licence fee includes your MLR which presumably you currently have either with AAT or with HMRC. 

I dont know what the costs are to transfer to ICB but hopefully someone from ICB will let you know. Otherwise if you have to retake exams through ICB then if you plan on going through distance learning I strongly suggest Ideal Schools.   Not only are they very  responsive but have a couple of closed Facebook groups  which are very supportive.


Good luck



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We are one of the leading chartered accountants in the UAE. Is there any possibility we can subscribe a membership of ICB as a certified bookkeeper?

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