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CIS/casual worker query

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I have a client whos a joiner/handyman who has used some people to do some casual work for him whilst he was busy. The money is small amounts - a few quid a week and wont be regular and not all to the same person. he may or may not need them again. 

The work is mainly gardening ( eg weeding, mowing etc ) fence painting, painting and decorating  and some bits of joinery eg - door hanging.


I have a feeling that some of this may fall under the CIS scheme- can anyone clarify please? 

I'm a feeling painting and decorating does- but does gardening and joinery if its mainly repairs.

I have looked on HMRC's guidance, but there's nothing mentioned I can see that answers the query.

Thanks in advance.



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Hello Janette,

Acording to this article on HMRC's website, I would say that painting, decorating and joinery all come under the construction industry scheme.

The gardening wouldn't though.

Hope that helps.


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