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Book Recommendations

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Hi, I am studying at the moment and things are now clicking yet. I am studying via distant learning and wondered if anyone could recommend a good book that will help me with my studies or perhaps a website.


Many thanks


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Hi Paul,

Can I ask what level you are attempting at the moment? I have just completed level 2 with a 92% overall score via distance learning, so may be able to offer advice if you are attempting that level.

Who is you training provider? Have you contacted your tutor? Or are you trying to do this completely without external tuition?

Feel free to message back and Im sure we can sort some kind of support out.

PS, where are you based?

Good Luck


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Hi, I am studying with Open Study College. I have contacted the Tutor and she is being very helpful. I'm doing everything via email so some things are not sticking. I do most of my study whilst working out of the UK, but when home I'm in Harrogate.



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