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Hi All,

What's the best and quickest way to study for the payroll qualification?  I am not entirely ignorant of payroll as in my last post, I did a bit of payroll under the accountant.  With my new client, the accountant is asking me to take over payroll, which obviously I cannot do yet.  I need to get my qualification quickly.  Has anyone done it recently and know the best way?



Emily Sitch

Whittleford Bookkeeping Services

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Hi Emily,

I studied from the ICB's Payroll Management manual, took mock exams to check I was understanding it all, and passed the exam earlier this year.  Like you, I had some payroll experience from past employment, so it wasn't an entirely new subject.

I can't guarantee it'll be the best way for you, but it did work for me.  

Good luck with your studies!


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