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Ongoing AML training

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How do you carry out ongoing AML training? Are there resources on the ICB website? I can't see any but wonder if there is something I can use to make sure I am up to date. Or should I be paying a business like Veriphy £45 + VAT to cover it? It looks like it would do a good job but I don't want to pay out if I can get the same from the ICB?

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Hi there,

At ICB we don't actually offer AML training but we do have resources for students and members to use to see if they are doing their due diligence correctly. It may be best to read the questions on the AML Guidance tab on the ICB website: you can access this by logging into your MyICB and then Resources > MLR > AML Guidance (tab on the right hand side). You can find this here:

Please feel free to call the ICB office to ask for help if need be. I hope that this helps!

Kemi Akinkunmi

ICB Marketing Assistant

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