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Bookkeeper Summits

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i was looking at the past Bookkeeper Summits and I am wondering why they were all held in London. Would it not be better from members perspectives to have it in other parts of the country. For those who live in Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland and even the north of England it could be off putting the expense of travel and accommodation in London.

 I would not be surprised if this has been asked in forums that i am not able to access. i am just being curious. 



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This question has been asked countless times, ICB do surveys all the time and at the head branch meeting every year London has been chosen as the destination. 

ICB have listened to the views but the majority of members have always picked London

Coming from Scotland Birmingham (which is still south England and just as expensive) was suggested at one point and most Scottish people preferred to go to London.  As a Scottish member, I would prefer London as it is the Capital of the UK and the most central to the highest amount of members. 


ICB has the aspire tours which are held across the country. 

I must admit I go because it is in London.   I notice your not a member or a student so you will not have received the surveys.

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