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What is a level III Bookkeeper qualified to do?

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Hi there, 

I'd be grateful for some guidance on what roles I can perform in a Ltd Co please

I've been working as an accounts assistant under a fully qualified accountant at a Ltd Co doing basic bank recs, depreciation etc on minimum wage whilst doing my home study. I have now passed level II and III, and would like to go for a promotion (i.e. take on more challenging aspects and be worthy of a higher wage!) 

I wonder what the boundaries are to what I am able to do please, if an accountant is present to 'sign off' work, say VAT returns, payroll work, forecasts etc?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time


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Hi Claire,


As you have passed your Level III ICB exams, you are able to carry out the role of an employed or self-employed bookkeeper, be able to reconcile bank statements with the ledgers, produce a VAT return, control the sales and purchases ledgers, post year-end adjustments and produce the final accounts for a sole trader, partnership and not-for-profit organisation in both a manual and a computerised system.

There are some resources on the ICB website on the level III syllabus and I will provide the link:

Feel free to get back in contact if you have any other queries and I hope that you find this helpful!


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Hi Kemi

Thank you for taking the time to reply

Unfortunately I am still in need of some assistance, as I would like to know if there are any legal restrictions on what I work I can do for the Limited Company which currently employes me.

The accounts 'department' of the company consists of myself (level III bookkeeper) and a qualified accountant. I would like to know if / what legal boundaries exist on what I am able to do please. If anyone reading this can help with that, I would be grateful 

For instance, through my studies, I have learnt how to do VAT returns. Can I suggest I do these for the company? Or do you have to be a qualified accountant to write and submit VAT returns??

Are there any other restrictions?

Thanks very much 


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