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 I have spent hours today trying to work out what I should charge and would really appreciate any help that is offered.

I have a new bookkeeping practice and am networking and marketing my services locally. I am getting increasingly worried that I am finding it so difficult to come up with a price plan which I am happy with. I do not wish to charge by the hour but aim to have a choice of 3 packages to offer my clients with a tailored set fees. From what I am reading this is the way many bookkeepers are moving and it is common amongst accountancy firms. I have worked out what I would charge by the hour but as I'm not very experienced I am struggling to work out how long different services should be expected to take, on average. I can only conclude that I have to take an 'educated' guess and hope for the best. Not what I hoped for when I started training!

This profession seems very secretive about pricing. We talk about money all day then don't share amongst ourselves what it is acceptable to charge (except by the hour). I am feeling very frustrated. If I had a few price plans that other people use I could consider the market in my area, my target client, my preferred type of work, my experience (or lack of it), etc and come up with something that isn't going to be too off the mark. Everyone is different, I know, and every job is different, too, but most trades can price according to the 'going rate' because they know what it is. Teachers are paid differently according to all sorts of variables but there's a pay scale so it isn't random. Please help. 

Thank you in anticipation!

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Hi Caroline


Happy to share some pointers, if you give me a call. 01923 728799.


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