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New £1000 trading and property allowances

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Hi all

In preparation for 2017/18 self assessment returns, I've been looking at the new £1000 trading and property allowances.

My understanding is that if someone has a small amount of income from providing goods or services alongside their main job, they can choose to claim £1000 as trading expenses rather than adding up their actual trading expenses (which might say only be £500). I understand there is also a £1000 allowance for property income, but I'll leave that for now.

So, for example, David earns £1500 alongside his main job income from providing a service. He can claim £1000 trading expenses instead of working out individual expenses. On his self assessment form, can he also claim capital allowances for say £200 worth of long term equipment he uses to provide the service?

So in summary, is the £1000 allowance purely relating to day to day trading expenses? And can the person still make an entry in the capital allowance box?

Any thoughts appreciated.



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